LiveJournal Music Chart


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different charts?

The Most Popular Music chart shows, not surprisingly, the most popular pieces of music, according to how many LiveJournal posts referred to them. As an alternative, the Most Popular Things chart reflects words and phrases that show up most often, whether bands or track titles (or even non-music terms, such as ‘none’, and ‘television’). This is more likely to promote bands with wide appeal, rather than a single current hit. As a combination of these, the Weighted Popular Music chart tries to show the most popular tracks by the most popular bands.

Isn’t this just a hugely expensive way of generating the Billboard chart?

Yes, basically.


Well, obviously it’s weighted by LiveJournal’s demographics, and the fact that it’s what people are listening to, rather than just what they’re buying or hearing on the radio. Yeah, shockingly, people sure do like popular music, but there’s a fairly eclectic range of other stuff. It’s a good way to keep track of music that, at the very least, one should probably be familar with.

It’s broken!

Don’t Panic.

Is this clever, or stupid?

It’s a fine line....